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Real estate

Zurich Unterland has a whole array of business and production locations. Whether you are looking for a simple or prestigious building, a plot of land, or somewhere to buy or rent, we will be pleased to help you or provide you with contacts.



The availability of motivated, well-trained and multilingual staff is one of the strengths of our region. The willingness to provide outstanding performance and to generate a high level of productivity is something which you can take for granted.



With its proximity to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), the University of Zurich, universities of applied sciences and research centres, Zurich Unterland is ideally positioned. This unassuming region of closely knit networks is ideal for establishing contacts, gathering knowledge and experience, and discovering shared interests. 


Corporation tax

Coorperation tax rates in Switzerland, at an attractive 12 to 26 per cent, compare favourably internationaly. Those companies which operate mainly abroad can optimise their tax burden incurred by the group by setting up their head office or a service centre in Zurich Unterland. The region also fares well in taxes terms when compared to other locations in Switzerland. It is also worth taking other factors into account when choosing a location.



last update: 01.03.2013

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