Philip Mosimann, CEO Bucher Industries

"The region has everything which we, as a globally active company, need: an airport with direct flights to every continent, a good transport infrastructure, world-famous technical universities, the economic area of Germany-Switzerland and an attractive place to live, offering cultural, educational and leisure opportunities as well as an unspoilt natural landscape."


Markus Wiegand, Wiegand AG

"The border region is a source of highly skilled employees for all areas of activity and all hierarchical levels. That is extremely valuable."


Claude R. Cornaz, Vetropack Holding AG

"Flexibility, adaptability and integration are part and parcel of Swiss corporate culture. During their negotiations in other countries, our managing executives increasingly sense that this is something which is respected and appreciated. This culture is important to us and is why our head office remains in this region, despite our growth internationally."


Rudolf Weber, CEO Kaba Group

"In the area of new technologies, which is key to our company, the spatial proximity to universities, universitieso of applied sciences and colleges is an advantage when seeking specialists in their fields."


Ueli Forster, CEO Gastro Star AG

"The choice of location for our company remains the right one today, even after generations. From here, the distances to our customers throughout Switzerland are reasonable, a factor of key importance for fresh produce. We also appreciate the solution-oriented approach adopted by the authorities."




last update 23.07.2011






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